I have spent hours setting up imaging equipment, polar aligning, getting the object I want to image framed properly and then having to dismantle the whole thing because the weather was not doing as forecast, then when the weather was good in the winter ( the best time for imaging, darker skies and longer night time hours ) wrapping up as warm as I could and still feeling the cold. So I decided to bite the bullet and build an Observatory with a warm room, the kit can be set up permanently so it only takes 10 minutes to start imaging, polar aligned once ( unless you knock it ), and if the weather does turn bad just shut the roof until it clears up – hopefully.

It’s an 8 by 12 foot roll off roof  with an 8 by 8 foot observing deck that leaves a warm room of 8 by 4 foot which is plenty big enough for some storage space, a desk and swivel chair. it also means that when the roof is closed it leaves an 8 by 8 foot decked area ideal for observing meteor showers and having BBQ’s.

The roof rolls out onto a frame by means of V shaped rail and rollers.





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