Club Talks

I can give talks to astronomy clubs and public outreach groups, on many astronomical subjects including astro-imaging, processing your image data , setting up your equipment, building an observatory, meteor watching / radar detection and more . My fee varies on travel distance, but is not astronomical.


At our invitation, Will Reed has given a number of talks to the Crewkerne and District Astronomical Society. We will be asking him to return. 

Will’s talks are clear, lively, informative and entertaining.  Although his audience varies in their level of prior knowledge and experience, Will always seems able to adapt his talks so that all are catered for. His range of subjects is impressive and reflects his experience and his considerable expertise in many aspects of astronomy. 

Ron Westmaas, Chairman, Crewkerne and District Astronomical Society.


Somerset Levels Stargazers, has had several informative and engaging presentations from Will Reed over the years.

We have a mixed group of people, some new to astronomy and some old hands and everyone enjoys learning something new from his talks. Will is also good at answering any questions our members throw at him, his level of knowledge is immense and he also brings an occasional element of fun into serious subjects which keeps people fascinated.

Paul Adamson, Chairman, Somerset Levels Stargazers.


Just use the contact page to get in touch. I’m looking forward to hearing from you, please leave your details and I will get right back to you.