Three more months of crap

As the title suggests – another three months of piss poor weather, has seen off another deepsky imaging season, thoroughly hacked off with the weather in the UK – and so it is with regret that I’m giving up on astronomy and astro imaging as a hobby, in total almost 6 months has passed since I’ve been able to do anything other than checked the equipment ( kick out spiders making homes on my mount and scope ) and remind myself how to use it, there’s no enjoyment in that i’m afraid. So I’m selling off my gear bit by bit. But it’s not just the weather the night sky is being polluted by the likes of Elon Musk and his Starlink satellite atrocity ( over 1000 not so dim satellites and counting ), and he’s not alone, Oneweb and Amazon funded by Jeff Bezos to name a few – if current satellite internet proposals become reality, about 50,000 active satellites will orbit overhead within ten years, if that’s not a crime I don’t know what is, we might be seeing the last generation of children to see the night sky relatively unhindered by false stars, that’s not for me I’m afraid, add the increasing shite UK weather makes astronomy and astroimaging a non starter.

 What am I going to do now, I’ve taken up Metal Detecting, something that me and my partner can do together, we both enjoy the countryside, fresh air and the excersice, we already have quite a few ” Permissions ” and it is very interesting researching the history of a particular piece of land and hopefully discovering a piece of history.

 I will leave this site up for two more months if it helps anyone interested in astroimaging after that it will be closed, a sad goodbye but better Metal Detecting than going mental through not imaging.

5 thoughts on “Three more months of crap”

    1. To be honest Roger, it’s bloody dismal here, the rosette nebula project which should take 36 hours exposure time in all three narrow band filters, has already taken over a year, two deep sky season’s and all I have is an incomplete 4 pane mosaic in Ha and no extra data added this season. This isn’t a hobby anymore, it’s a chore.


      1. That’s very sad, Will. All that expertise and financial investment and you can’t utilise it.

        Even this website and all its accumulation of ideas and imagery? I hope you keep it going, especially the gallery, which you can be very proud of. Maybe you might just transition the site to begin writing about your new hobby.

        I think it’s a great idea to take up another hobby. Maybe with your metal detectors you might find some meteorites as well as historical artefacts!

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  1. I share your pain (as I share the UK sky) and I definitely need at least three hobbies – one indoor for seriously awful weather, one daytime outdoor hobby for when the nights are rubbish, and astro for an occcasional fair season 😦

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