Perseids, clouded out again for a second year.

I didn’t even mention the Perseids last year – because it was clouded over for the entire time, again for a second year the Perseid meteor shower, from my location has been hidden by clouds all week, this time with a yellow weather warning for thunder storms all week. Capturing a good thunder storm or two on the all sky camera would be great – if it actually happened, but I haven’t even heard the slightest rumble from where I live, what we have had this week is humidity at 90% and heat up in the 30’s, to say it’s been oppressive would be an understatement, the forecast for next week is much of the same, maybe next year ?.

1 thought on “Perseids, clouded out again for a second year.”

  1. Good luck for 2021! In the unlikely event the skies are clear at least the moon won’t be a problem.
    And given the forcast there’s still a chance of the ASC catching some action.


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