NGC7000 and the Wall

On my last imaging session, I chose the North American nebula – NGC7000 as my target, this large nebulous region is in the constellation of Cygnus, very close to the star Alpha Cygni or Deneb

NGC7000 and Cygnus
NGC7000 and Cygnus

The relatively small field of view given by my 8inch RC telescope, means only a small portion of the nebula can be imaged, therefore I chose a bright area of the nebula called “The Wall” for the nights imaging run. using the Hydrogen Alpha filter, I captured 40 x 5 minute exposures or just over 3 1/2 hours worth, more than enough for stacking in DeepSky Stacker.

NGC7000 North American nebula, The Wall - Cygnus
NGC7000 North American nebula, The Wall – Cygnus

I plan on adding OIII and SII data to this, but for now the weather has turned unsettled for the moment, I have high hopes for next Friday or Saturday night to do this, fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “NGC7000 and the Wall”

  1. NGC 7000 is a huge object, comparable in apparent diameter to our southern Eta Carina Nebula. So I’m not surprised you can’t image the whole nebula.

    Because the NA Nebula is so well known I attempted it once, straight through the light dome of Sydney at an elevation of about nine degrees. I caught a small bright arc of nebulosity but let’s just say the overall result was not to my satisfaction.

    I like what you did here. I admire your technique of producing colour images from black and whites taken with various narrow-band filters. You produce some wonderful images, both interim and final. It’s interesting to watch the progress of your image in this way and I enjoy reading the descriptions – but I think I will stick with the lower complexity of my colour camera.




  2. You’ve got some great detail in the image. It will be interesting to compare it with your first Wall which was awesome then. Hope the skies are kind for the narrowband work. You really have the tracking cracked now. Come to think of it, you’ve got the whole b process cracked. Look forward to seeing the fininished product!


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