IC1318, the Sadr region

IC1318, the Sadr region lies at the centre of the Cygnus constellation, close to the central star Sadr or Gamma Cygni – it contains many dark nebulae as well as diffuse emission nebulae. I chose to image this region as the contrast between light emission and dark areas are quite pronounced and a lot of detail can be easily discerned. 

However the amount of detail captured is very poor when imaged with an OIII filter, so I only used Ha and SII filters and combined them by putting the Ha data into the green channel and the SII data into both the red and blue channels in Photoshop to create the following SHS ( SII, Ha, SII ) colour image, also some tweaking of the contrast and highlights ( this is commonly known as messing about ).

IC1318, Sadr region

Captured over two nights with an Altair Astro 8inch RC, Baader Ha and SII narrowband filters and a ZWO asi1600mm Pro mono camera, 40 x 300 seconds exposures with both filters.

below is a wider view, captured using a 72mm William Optics Megrez refractor and the same filters and camera.

IC1318 Cygnus Sadr region SHS WO72mm Megrez
IC1318 Cygnus Sadr region SHS WO72mm Megrez, Sadr bottom middle

2 thoughts on “IC1318, the Sadr region”

  1. ‘…messing about’? If that’s messing about your should do more of it! I have a feeling that you’re getting a bit good at this stuff. There are one or two so called ‘top astroimagers’ who better watch out! Nice work.

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