Eta Aquarids no, Starlink yes

In my earler post, I said that I had set up my Canon EOS 600D DSLR camera some weeks ago to try and capture some Eta Aquarid meteors, now while I had transferred the image of Venus that I had taken, I had not looked at the rest of the images stored in the camera from that evening ( 21st April 2020 8.30pm ) – I had a look today and though I had not captured any meteors I did it seems, by chance capture these bleeding Starlink satellites. I had pointed the camera at an area of sky just below Ursa Major, the Great Bear, the Plough or if you prefer the Big Dipper, I had started to capture images just before 8.30pm and the sequence of 59 images that contain the satellites trails go on for 6 minutes, I had to adjust the tone of the individual images in Photoshop to make the trails stand out better, then reduced images to a quarter original size to allow me to make a GIF.

Below is a single image from the sequence, I have marked where the satellite trails are as its hard to see without enhancement.

Single image
Single image

Here’s the GIF of the Starlink pass, you can see the stars of the big dipper handle as well as some whispy clouds.


As these images were captured at dusk, you can see how bright they would of been had it been properly dark.

3 thoughts on “Eta Aquarids no, Starlink yes”

  1. You never cease to amaze me! Well done for spotting those faint streaks and managing to make a Gif from the frames. Damn things look like artillery fire. I still haven’t recovered from seeing them that evening.

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