Three more weeks, One more storm

Another three weeks have gone past, with only a few hours of broken clear ( ish ) sky, but nothing I could work with as the wind has been a constant companion. Guiding under such conditions is a waste of time, the telescope gets buffeted around too much – not helped by yet another storm, this time called Jorge ( pronounced “hor-hay” ) named by the Spanish met office, bringing with it snow, ice, strong winds and pummeling rain. This makes the wettest February on record with an average of 202mm of rain.

Yellow weather warning for storm Jorge

The 7 day forecast does not really look great either with more rain for tomorrow, makes you wonder why anyone would bother with astronomy and especially astroimaging in this country, the last 12 months have not been particularly good, with about 14 imaging sessions in total. I’m looking forward to going to a monthly club meeting and being able to show some images again, when though, that’s another matter.

2 thoughts on “Three more weeks, One more storm”

  1. Tough times for astronomy – and you’ll also have daylight saving to contend with soon!

    Here in Sydney we haven’t had a scheduled field night since November. First it was the bushfires, then the floods. Now it’s the clouds and the full Moon. We also, like you, have our monthly meetings to look forward to – but it looks like public health concerns might even scupper that too! 😨


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