A work in progress

A few days ago we had a spate of clear nights ( sort of ), this gave me the chance to image the Rosette nebula in Monoceros. Now I have imaged this object before, but that was with a small telescope, a 72mm William Optics Megrez refractor – this time I wanted to image this nebula and open cluster NGC 2244 (  the stars of which is formed from this molecular cloud ) with my 8 inch RC telescope for more detail. This rig has a higher magnification and therefore a smaller field of view, this means I cannot get the whole nebula onto the camera sensor, so I have to image several sections ( slightly overlapped ) and put them together as a Mosaic.

NGC2237, the Rosette nebula Ha
NGC2237, the Rosette nebula Ha

I will need 8 images to make this mosaic to cover the whole gas cloud, each image will be made from 30 light frames, each of 3 minutes exposure. I also want to image using the Ha, OIII and SII filters. so lets work this out, 8 mosaic panes x 30 light frames x 3 filters = 720 light frames at 3 minutes exposure = 36 hours total imaging time, obviously more than can be done in a single imaging run, infact if I get 6 hours of clear imaging a night, that’s 6 nights work. 6 clear nights would be a luxury the way things are with the weather at the moment, thank heavens the images are digital and can be saved.

Rosette nebula, Canon EOS40D (modded), WO 72mm Megrez
Rosette nebula, Canon EOS40D (modded), WO 72mm Megrez

As it stands – the spate of clear nights only gave me 2 usable nights, the remaining nights were misty and foggy, sadly sunny days on wet ground lead to misty foggy evenings.

so I have out of the 2 usable nights, 3 mosaic panes of the Rosette nebula in Ha – this definitely going to be a work in progress.

Rosette nebula ( part ) 3 pane mosaic, Ha
Rosette nebula ( part ) 3 pane mosaic, Ha. ( note the Bok globules )


2 thoughts on “A work in progress”

  1. Totally awesome! I CANNOT wait to see the completed image. The detail and range of tones in the Ha 3 part mos. is superb. When this project is done you’ll have to have a high quality print made. Better make two ’cause I want one! Great blog.

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