Finally finished M51

I finally got around to adding the Green ,Blue and Luminance data to finish processing M51, the Whirlpool galaxy, I did not get a chance to capture the Ha data, this can be added later, that’s the beauty of digital imaging, you can always add more data.

This colour image is created by combining ( I use Photoshop ) the Red image data with the following Green and Blue images, these are added to the colour channels of a new image of the same height and width, this provides the colour image, the Luminance data provides the detail and is added as a luminance layer.

M51 Colour
Green Filter
Green Filter
Blue Filter
Blue Filter
M51 Luminance
Luminance Filter

1 thought on “Finally finished M51”

  1. Another cracker, Will. It was worth the wait. You must be chuffed. Look forward to seeing what it looks like with Ha added.
    Greetings to you know who.


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