Uncontrollable Wind or when you just can’t win

Clear night skies, just what the doctor ordered – but I’m still unable to do any imaging, the reason for my lack of imaging is purely down to wind. Gusts of up to 50mph put paid to any chance of setting up the guiding calibration in PHD2 never mind imaging, when it is windy the telescope acts as a sail and gets buffeted about no matter how beefy your mount is and if you forgo the calibration setup in PHD2 and use your previous calibration which is normally ok if your pointing to same area of sky as before, then when the telescope and guidscope gets nudged by the wind PHD2 will try to correct for an error that has nothing to do with guiding and before you know it, you have a series of over corrections that sets up an uncontrollable oscillation in the guiding. The larger the telescope the more surface area it has and the more pronounced the effect of wind is, so it makes sense when it is windy to use a smaller scope, but I have set up the 8 inch RC, all balanced and aligned with the guidscope and I did not want to upset this setup because I want to image the Leo triplet in more detail at the next opportunity, I’ll just have to wait.

Effects of wind
Effects of wind

3 thoughts on “Uncontrollable Wind or when you just can’t win”

  1. With that wind you just have to be grateful the roof stayed on! ’twasn’t nice and the forecast for the next week in this neck of the woods is for much of the same.


  2. Bad luck to get strong wind on a clear night.

    No doubt wind buffetting can create havoc with aligning, imaging and guiding but – looking at the images of your observatory – I assume it would provide you with some degree of wind screening. I guess the front end of the OTA is exposed above the side walls?


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