Back to bed, nothing to see here

As predicted, there was absolutely no chance of seeing the lunar eclipse or Super Blood Wolf Moon from my location. I got out of bed at about 2.45am put my dressing gown on and went outside – took a quick phone pic, then I went back to bed again because of clouds.

Not looking good

Then at about 4.30am I did the same, only this time the cloud had thickened and had turn a dull redish colour, obviously above the cloud the eclipse was in full swing – took another quick pic, then I went back to bed, only getting up for the final time to go to work, at least the forcast was right for a change.

Looking even worse

My fellow amateur astronomers on the south downs, The Worthing Astronomers faired far better than I, Infact I believe the sky was clear for most if not all of the duration of the eclipse, Many of its members took some fantastic images of the eclipse, well done everyone. Steve Bassett – a member of the society has kindly allowed me to reproduce his composit image of the eclipse, Thanks Steve.

steve bassett super blood wolf moon worthing astronomers
Super blood wolf moon, Steve Bassett, Worthing Astronomers

Unfortunately the next total lunar eclipse visible from the UK is a bit of a way off, not occurring for another ten years, hopefully the weather will have got better by the 20th December 2029, I hope so – it’s my birthday.


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