The continuing clouds over my head

The clouds still seem to circulate unabated over my observatory here in Somerset, I have caught the odd glimpse of the Moon or Venus in the morning – not a sniff of the Geminids. I have cleaned and tidied the observatory removing quite a few spiders along the way, including some false widows, these I’m afraid got removed by way of the Hoover, I have been bitten by one before and the bite itches a lot, for me anyway.

For something to do, I put up a 20 inch Tv/DVD player with Freeview in the observatory, for no obvious reason other than I had one lying around and I was bored – even though watching it is just as boring. The winter solstice has passed and the days are slowly getting longer again, meaning that unless the weather drastically improves the best time for imaging DSO’s ( Deep Sky Objects ) will be over. I might get an Astro-calendar for 2019 and hang from a nail in the toilet.

2 thoughts on “The continuing clouds over my head”

  1. Glad to see you’re still alive but really don’t recommend you hang from a nail in the toilet! I know things are bad but surely they’re not that bad! lol Nice shot of the False Widow btw.
    This weather is beyond a joke.

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  2. Thanks Ron, the ” and hang from a nail in the toilet ” was more of an instruction, such as bake at 120 degrees for 3/4 of an an hour. Plus I don’t think my walls would take the strain.


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