At it again, imaging I mean

An increasingly rare event occured for a few hours last night, the clouds b*gg*red off – for a while at least. In that time I managed to image Comet 46P Wirtanen, through clear, OIII and green filters using my William optics 72mm Megrez and the asi1600mm Pro, try as I might – I could still not see any ion tail from this comet, although some do ( probably under much clearer sky than I have ), this is why the comet was framed in the lower right side of the image, any tail would run to the upper left. This comet currently forms a triangle in Taurus with the Hyades and the Pleiades, the seven sisters.


I processed the image data twice, stacking on the stars ( sharp stars but fuzzy comet ) and again stacking on the comet ( sharp comet but trailed stars ) and combined the two resulting images together in Photoshop.

I then moved onto M42, the Orion nebula or the sword of orion, this time only using the Ha filter as it would soon move out of view ( buildings ) I’ll get the OIII and SII data later with any luck, I combined this Ha data with an earlier RGB image of this nebula by adding it to the Red channel of the RGB image.


I’ve not imaged IC443, the Jellyfish nebula before, this supernova remnant lies in the constellation of Gemini at the left foot of Castor ( Alpha Geminorum ), I let the APT software run as long as possible on this – capturing 300 second exposures, while it was doing that I was outside looking for Geminid meteors, I saw a grand total of zero for my chilled troubles and returned to the warm room after an hour and a half.


I closed the observatory at 2am when the clouds once again rolled back in.

2 thoughts on “At it again, imaging I mean”

  1. Glad you got some ‘stuff’ at last! Comet reminds me of Holmes. You sure that Orion isn’t one of Arthur’s old slides? lol Look forward to seeing the Jellyfish in all it’s glory.


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