Nothing with stuff, lots of nothing

If someone said to you ‘you need a hobby’ and that hobby would entail you spending a lot of money to buy stuff – new and second hand, build things to put your stuff in and spend hours, days, weeks and years learning how to do stuff with your stuff, but there’s a drawback, you’ll only be able to do your thing with your stuff for only a few days of the year. Your response would probably and quite understandably be – Stuff that, But that is exactly what us amateur astronomers do, depending on what level you want to take your hobby, we can and will spend a few hundred to several thousand pounds on stuff for our hobby, telescopes ( a few ), a mount ( or two ), eyepieces and barlows for every occasion and god knows what other knick-knacks we thought at the time would come in useful but never did and now reside at the back of a drawer ( or two ). Cameras, if like me your into imaging the celestial wonders don’t come cheap, even second hand they will cost you a pretty penny. And non of this stuff is any use if its cloudy and raining or blowing a gale, such has been the case here in the UK for quite a while now, the last time I’ve had more than an hour of clear sky was on November 10th. You start thinking is it worth it – the expence, the learning curve, the looks from your better and more sane half as you come home from work and mope about bored. For me the answer is yes, because when it eventually clears up and you start doing your thing with your stuff you forget just how BL**DY awful its been, which keeps you coming back to do your thing with your stuff. I hope it clears up soon though or I might take up needlework or lace making.

2 thoughts on “Nothing with stuff, lots of nothing”

  1. Well, now you’ve got all that stuff off your chest I hope you feel a whole lot better! Doubt it though. Enjoyed the rant!! lol Hang in there!


  2. As an ex-pat, I often wondered how I would carry out astronomy if by chance I’d remained in England.

    The Winter’s just too cold to be standing in an open field all night and in the Summer, the Sun sets just before bedtime and twilight never really ends! That leaves Spring and Autumn – and that’s without considering the clouds.

    It could be worse of course. Imagine being an amateur astronomer in Mancheter!


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