Venus the Morning Star

As usual the weather has been awful, cloudy, windy, wet and cold – what else do you expect in November. I can remember it being cold, crisp and clear but then there’s no such thing as climate change is there. Anyway one morning was clear ( for a few hours ) and driving to work was a delight as Venus was shining brightly in the east, even the lights of the truck depot did nothing to reduce its brilliance.

Morning Star
Venus the Morning Star

The evening before ( 21st November ) was the monthly meeting of CADAS, Crewkerne and District Astronomical Society. The main talk was about Astrophotography Old and New, the talk was a double act presented by Bob Mizon and Pete Adshead – we heard about early Daguerreotype photograpy and how the use of certain dangerous chemicals led to the early demise of some photographers, right through to modern CCD and CMOS. Bob showed some of his 35mm film astro images too. A great talk and I’m glad I saw it.

Near the end of the meeting we get to see any astro photo’s taken by members, I had three to show – the Flame and Horsehead nebulae in Orion, the Christmas tree cluster and Cone nebula in Monoceros and IC405, the Flaming star nebula in Auriga, the last two taken with a Ha filter. 

The great thing about this Astro Club is that everyone enjoys seeing all the members images and appreciates the work that goes into taking them.

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