A bit of late processing

The last time I did any imaging was on the night of November 1st, that was just capturing the images. A friends almost 40th birthday party taking place at Woolacombe, Devon ( an excuss to eat lots and drink more ) over the weekend meant that I did not get the chance to process the data. It was also another chance to use my new campervan, we had a great time despite the weather, cloud, wind, and drizzle – and an unfortunate event that led to my backside getting barnacled, as I slipped down a rock on the beach, rock pooling at my age.

Anyhow, I’ve finaly got around to processing the images captured, I captured the OIII and SII data for the Rosette nebula ( in the constellation Monoceros ) to go with the Ha already gathered and the Ha for IC405, and the Flaming star nebula in Ha. IC405 is an emission and reflection nebula found in the constellation Auriga.

The weather again seems to be consistantly rubbish for another week at least.

2 thoughts on “A bit of late processing”

  1. Must say I never thought I’d see an image of a backside in RGB on your site. Wonder what it’s like in Ha. lol Looked a nasty do. Ouch!
    Speaking of Ha, the Flaming Star looks great and so does the Rosette with the added wavelengths although it disguises the skull.
    Hi to J.
    ps suggest check shed for waterproofing.


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