Soul and California and a missed meeting

No, nothing to do with Soul music in California, rather the Soul and California nebulae that I imaged last night. I captured 30 x 300 second exposures of the soul nebula in SII, this was added to the Ha data that I captured earlier this month – it was used to create this Bi colour image.

IC1848 The Soul Nebula Bi Colour
IC1848 The Soul Nebula Bi Colour

I did not bother to capture any OIII images as the moon does interfere with this filter unlike the Ha and SII, I’ll wait until I get a clear moonless night for that.

I then turned my attention to NGC1499 the California nebula, also in the constellation of Perseus. I gathered 34 x 300 second exposures in Ha before calling it quits at about 4am due to mist and fog rolling in.

 Really glad of that comfy chair, I also had to put the heater on low in the warm room – winters a coming.

None of this imaging however would of taken place – if it had not been for a car accident and the queuing traffic it caused , this stopped me getting to this months meeting of the Somerset Levels Stargazers, sorry guys.

1 thought on “Soul and California and a missed meeting”

  1. Will be interested to see the addirion of OIII to the Soul neb. when you get the chance.
    NCC + H = (zz x zz)

    Where NCC = New comfy chair and H= heater.


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