When Red is too bright

When I went to the south west astro fair at the Norman Lockyer observatory last August, I purchased a red light LED torch from the Widescreen Centre stand, red coloured torches are used in astronomy to save your night vision, the human eye is not that sensitive to red light, so it does not effect your night vision too much, these torches are retailing for £15, the show price was £10, I popped it in my pocket and forgot about it until a few days ago when I found it again. It’s a nice looking thing in red alloy with a button on the back to turn it on and a wrist strap, it also comes with the AAA batteries. As you do – you look into it when you turn it on. a minute later when I could see again I looked to see if you could dim the light, like the Sky-watcher red/white LED torch – you couldn’t. It has nine incredibly bright red LED’s and is way too bright to be used at star partys etc not unless your intension is too anger fellow astronomers, the Widescreen centre should know better. 

2 thoughts on “When Red is too bright”

  1. When I buy a red light torch with excessive brightness I sometimes add a cutout of red film in front of the leds, which works as a very good dimmer.

    I have a couple of those aluminium torches, which look attractive – but I have always found they soon develop a loose connection somewhere and they end up in a box, never to be used except in emergency.

    I also have one of those Skywatcher dimmable torches and sadly, that no longer works either…..

    The most reliable red light I have is a headset but that is a dual purpose red/white beam and I have to be very careful not to switch it on in white mode.


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