Just My Luck

A recent run of bad luck might be worth a mention at this point, firstly – as I do my imaging, I have a tendency to nod off once everything is running smoothly, however; being conscious of any alarms bells that may go off such as PHD guiding for example loosing its guide star due to cloud, that sort of thing. prolonged sitting as we all know can become uncomfortable with the onset of ” numb bum “. My swivel chair whilst being fine is not really bum friendly for long periods, after a while I start to fidget – so I ordered a high back reclining swivel chair with massage and heat function, that has more padding in the seat region, NICE. This was at the end of June, with an expected delivery of between July 15th and August 22nd, needless to say by August 31st it still had not arrived and after repeated emails with no reply from the seller I had to get Ebay involved to get a refund, I have since ordered another from a different UK seller, hopefully I’ll get the thing this time.

massage chair
Massage Office Chair with heat function

Secondly – to keep with the nodding off theme, I missed the August meeting of the Somerset Levels Stargazers – because I nodded off on the sofa, waking up about 9.30pm with my head in my chest and a bad neck to go with it, the meeting started at 8.00pm, missing the talk by Mark Woodland on Exoplanets.

Exo-planet Talk, image Courtesy of Paul Adamson
Exo-planet Talk, image Courtesy of Paul Adamson

Thirdly – it has been nearly three weeks since I have had clear enough weather to image anything, this spell of poor weather seems to have coincided with my painting silver heat reflective paint of the Observatory roof and south facing wall, so you can all blame me for the clouds. Last night however it cleared long enough for me to capture some OIII data on the North American and Pelican nebulae, I added the OIII to the Ha data already captured to create this Bi colour image, and finally using the Ha data as a Luminance channel.

North American and Pelican Nebulea
North American and Pelican Nebulae Bi Colour

The forecast for the coming week does not look good for imaging, when it does clear I’ll capture the SII data to finish these nebulas properly, with any luck while sitting more comfortably.

2 thoughts on “Just My Luck”

  1. Oh ‘eck! Last thing you need is a more comfortable chair!! A one legged stool is what you need and they’re a lot cheaper. In fact you could make one yourself for peanuts! lol


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