Work on the observatory

All the parts needed to ventilate the roof space of the observatory have finally arrived, I had to pin hole – drill out the round ( ish ) holes to the size needed at both ends of the roof apex. I’ve decided to get another 12v 10w solar panel, even though the panel will power both, it seems to be at a slightly reduced RPM and I want both fans to operate at maximum, so one panel per fan, this also means the wiring has a shorter run. I had to rotate one fan at an angle due to knots in the timber, this does not effect the operation, just looks a bit odd. The outside of the vents are finished with a vent cover to stop rain getting in and is sealed with a grey bitumen sealent, also the solar panel is itself raised off the roof by spacers, these have also been sealed to stop water leaks, and the plastic covering film has been left on to give some protection. 

So both vents are now fitted, but only one is powered until the other solar panel arrives, not to worry though the weather has turned back to normal – cloud forcast for another week.



1 thought on “Work on the observatory”

  1. Hi Will,
    Would be great if you could share these updates at the next meeting. The way you’re going,the Norman Lockyer site had better watch out!
    I agree with your comments about the AstroFair. Disappointing this year and not only because of the weather.


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