Perseids 2018

What can I say about the 2018 Persied meteor shower, perfect would be nice. The peak fell on the weekend, Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th of August with no moon to drown out fainter ones. Last years Perseids were drowned out by a near full moon, even the bright meteors were hard the spot. This year however was spoilt by the weather, thick cloud cover and rain over the weekend put the kybosh on meteor observing, the only clear night was on Friday the 10th, so I set up the all sky camera and let it run all night and into the early hours the following morning, to be honest I captured more planes and satellites than meteors, Below is a composit picture of the meteors captured by the camera.

August 10th 2018 Perseid composit
August 10th 2018 Perseid composit

Below is a video of the All Sky Cameras recordings for the night. 


The Graves radar detector on the other hand was Pinging like a good un, with many more large detections on the night of the 11th – so if the sky had been clear it would of been a good show.

Above are just a few of the large detections, between 10th August 22.30pm and 12th August 17.55pm a total of 729 meteor reflections were detected. Below is a video of the detections.


Hopefully next year will be better, fingers crossed.

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