Ha, all the way and the South West Astronomy Festival

Friday night was the only chance this weekend to do any imaging, so I chose three targets and only imaged them in Ha light. The three were NGC7000 and the Pelican nebulae in Cygnus, the Heart nebula and the Soul nebula in Cassiopeia, I intend to catch the remaining OIII and SII for these objects when the weather improves again.

The only problem is on Saturday, it’s the South West Astronomy Festival, held at the Norman Lockyer Observatory above Sidmouth, so I caught a few hours sleep after imaging, then drove down to the festival. I always go to this event, sadly I feel this will be my last time – the event has over the years gotten a lot smaller with only one dealer exhibiting this year, the rest of the exhibits being made up of astronomy groups ( one of which I belong to ) and the rest is made up of stalls selling astronomy related stuff, Mugs, Posters and T-shirts, that sort of thing and a stall from Astronomy Now magazine selling as you would expect magazines, books and subscriptions. Even the talks this year seemed to lack something and held no interest for me, for example one of the talks was about the asteroid Oumuamua that passed through the solar system, an interstellar wanderer – another talk by my friend Jo Richardson, I’ve heard before at one of the astronomy clubs i go to, Jo owns and runs Space Detectives, She is also one of the 10 ESERO-UK (European Space Educational Office) Space Ambassadors and works on high profile space education projects such as Mission X and the Tim Peake Primary Project. The oudoors Solar observing was a wash out because of the weather, mist and drizzle. I always get my partner a piece of space jewelry made from a meteor or dichroic glass and even that stall was missing this year. It’s such a shame as the festival was once realy good with loads to see and relatively local too.

The Norman Lockyer Observatory site is home to a number of Domed observatorys and telescopes, including a Siderostat, which can display the spectrum of the Sun, radio meteor detection station and a Planetarium. It is worth visiting if your in the area and they are having one of their open days.




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