The Heart of the Heart

This spell of good clear nights just keeps on going doesn’t it, so over three nights I captured the Ha, OIII and SII filter images for IC1805, Sharpless 2-190 or the Heart nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia. This is quite a large object and it would not all fit into the field of view of my 8inch RC telescope and asi1600mm Pro sensor combination, so I imaged the heart of the Heart. Having set everything up and making sure the tracking is good before hand, I start imaging just before midnight and finish just after 3am. My only problem at the moment is being bothered by Mosquitoes, even in the warm room, as they enter the gap between the roll off roof and the sides of the observatory wall.

Ha OIII SII IC1805 Heart nebula
IC1805 Heart nebula Ha OIII SII

To be honest there is little OIII compared to the Ha and SII, just enough to add to the core of the image. I hope this clear weather holds up for a while longer yet.

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