South Downs Astronomy Festival

Julie and I decided to visit the South Downs Astronomy Festival at Bury in Sussex, This is the first astronomy event for the south and hosted by the Worthing Astronomers. It’s a 3 hour drive away for us so we decided to split the trip, drive to Salisbury and book a double room at a Premier inn, all I can say is it was 30°C in our room and no A/C only a fan blowing warm air, Julie can stick the heat better than I can so at 1am I’d had enough and went and slept in the car, a nice cool 16°C – worth £100 of anyones money ?. A big hearty breakfast in the morning and off to the south downs astronomy festival we went.

South Downs
Bury CofE Primary School

The event was being held at the Bury CofE Primary School and was host to Zoltan and 365 Astronomy, Dan Oakley, a Ranger from the South Downs National Park authority ( A Dark Sky Reserve ) and many speakers including Pete Lawrence from the BBC’s Sky at Night program, who talked about imaging the Moon ( so we gave that a miss ). Several Solar telescopes were set up in the playground and they had good use too. I was fortunate to meet Steve Goddard from Worthing astronomers, a really nice chap and the organiser of the event. Even though the event itself was quite small – I can see the potential for this to get a lot bigger in the future, well done Steve. We sat for the talk on Basic Astro imaging by Gary Palmer and to be honest it was very good, far better than some Iv’e sat ( and slept ) through. I got a second ZWO asi120mm camera from 365 Astronomy for a permanent all sky set up. I was swapping my guide camera out before for this. All in all a great day out and a chance to meet like minded people is always worth it in my opinion.

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