Time for the Bubble

Imaging proved to be problematic Thursday night, even though the sky looked clear, there must have been some high altitude haze as the captured images of the Bubble nebula, NGC 7635 had a sort of soft look to them. At first I thought the focus must be off, a quick check with a Bahtinov mask showed the focus to be spot on, therefore it must of been haze softening the images. I carried on imaging anyway to see if it would clear – it did not, I might invest in a Sky Quality meter in the near future. The processed image had to be sharpened quite a bit for a reasonable result to be had but I think I’ll visit the bubble again at the next clear opportunity.

NGC 7635 the Bubble Nebula
NGC 7635 the Bubble Nebula

1 thought on “Time for the Bubble”

  1. Really does show the bubble well. Might not have noticed the sky quality was poor if you hadn’t said, but looking closely, I think it shows in the stars. Great object. Hope you get another chance at this soon.


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