IC1396 Elephant Trunk Nebula with a touch of RED EYE

I couldn’t resist the chance to image the elephant trunk nebula with the 8 inch RC telescope at f8 ( 1625mm focal length ), the near full moon proved to be no obstacle, nor did the fact that at the moment there is no astronomical darkness. The sun does not drop 18° below the horizon, and will not do so until mid July.

twilight-phases courtesy of timeanddate.com

As I was imaging the elephant at a much increased magnification I had to rotate the camera to fit the object across the long axis of the sensor, plate solving helped with this as I could see in CdC the orientation of the camera, and the field of view. I captured enough Ha and OIII data and had to synthesis the SII data from 40% Ha and 60% OIII, then the processing in Photoshop took a couple of hours mainly to get the right blend in the colour channels and to keep the stars from bloating when brightening the image – hence the RED EYE ( mine ). Well worth the lack of sleep in my opinion.

IC1396 Elephant trunk nebula
IC1396 Elephant trunk nebula

1 thought on “IC1396 Elephant Trunk Nebula with a touch of RED EYE”

  1. Better and better every time! This is another stonker of an image. Wonderful subtley and detail in this nebula. A beauty.


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