NGC6888, A Closer Look

What a great weekend this has been, not only did I have some productive time in the veg patch, a lovely BBQ with family and friend’s I also got up close and personal with the Crescent nebula NGC6888 in Cygnus. I wanted to try the 8inch Ritchey Chretien at f8, so no focal reducer just the AstroTech field flattener to see how much more detail I could get out of the crescent nebula. So over 2 nights I captured the Ha, OIII and SII data needed to create a colour image with the mono 1600mm camera this time I accentuated the OIII in the blue channel because this object is rich in OIII, it has given a twist to the final image that I think makes it stand out beautifully, please take a look and leave a comment, I welcome your feedback.

Capture data, 30x300s each filter, processed in DSS and Photoshop CS5.

NGC6888 OIII Palette
NGC6888 OIII Palette

1 thought on “NGC6888, A Closer Look”

  1. Awesome! And if that isn’t a Bok globule at 10 o’clock from the central star it’s a b……wormhole to the next universe. Clear as can be. Great work!


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