Another productive evening

The weather just seems to be holding together at the moment and about time too, so as not to waste any of this “Good Stuff” I set the gear up for some mid week imaging. I dont usually do this as I work like most people from monday to friday and have to get up at silly o’clock to do so, but as I’m pretty well automated now with the equipment, I can get it all going and go to bed for a few hours ( its only dark enough to image at the moment from about 11pm to 3.30am ) only getting up to change from one filter to another. In APT I can set up imaging runs so that when one set of images is done it will start another so for instance – image the Crescent nebula NGC6888 in OIII for a couple hours then it will go to the Eastern veil NGC6992, platesolve the object and image that in OIII for a couple hours as well as control PHD2 guiding for each object. 

Heres the results of all that snoozing.

I’m looking forward to some clear nights over the coming weekend. 

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