When it all works 2

Another clear evening right through till dawn and this time no problems with any connections, programs or guiding being a bit spiky ( I moved a counter weight on the mount to slightly off balance it to the west ). As I had to wait for my subject to rise above the roof of a neighbours house, I imaged NGC6888 the Cresent nebula in Cygnus for an hour then moved onto NGC6960 the Witches Broom also in Cygnus, this meant that because the two objects are in the same part of the sky I would not have to recalibrate the auto guiding.

PHD Guiding
PHD Guiding not so spiky

After platesolving the  first image I used an option in APT called framing mask to position my telescope in exactly the same place as the night before, then started to capture the remaining 15 or so images in Ha then changed over to a OIII filter as this region is rich in OIII nebulosity then just imaged away until the sky became too light and started effecting the image brightness.

I wrapped up for the morning and went to bed for a few hours. Later I processed the data using the Hubble palette ( seems the best way for narrow band imaging ) But I had to produce a false SII image for the red channel out of 40% of the Ha image and 60% of the OIII image, still the result looks pretty good for a first time making a false channel.

NGC6960 Hubble Palette
NGC6960 The Witches Broom nebula Hubble Palette

I’ve made a short video about the new set up I’m using you can find it on my Face Book page by this link https://www.facebook.com/Orions-View-Astro-Imaging-2032916963661829 or the one at the top of the page.

1 thought on “When it all works 2”

  1. So you got the Witch. Another cracker too.
    …But I had to produce a false SII image for the red channel out of 40% of the Ha image and 60% of the OIII image… Sounds like a right Witch’s brew to me. Does my old head in. lol
    Checked out Fb. Do you ever sleep?


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