The Elephant’s Trunk

The clouds moved away long enough Monday evening for me to capture all three narrowband sets of data, the target this time – IC1396 The Elephant’s Trunk nebula. Still using the widefield 80mm telescope together with an AstroTech 1x field flattener and the asi1600mm, 20×180 seconds each of Ha, OIII and SII images were captured and processed with DSS and Photoshop.

IC1396 Elephant trunk nebua
IC1396 Elephant trunk nebua In Hubble Palette

The Image was processed using the Hubble Palette, the dark dust clouds and Ha areas stand out quite nicely. The camera settings were Unity Gain ( 139 gain, 21 offset ) 4×4 Binning.


1 thought on “The Elephant’s Trunk”

  1. Stunning image buddy!! What do you mean ‘Ha areas standing out ‘quite nicely’? Come off it, if they stood out any more they’d fall off! lol Wife most impressed and says you should frame these.


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