Here at last

The ZWO asi1600mm Pro Mono camera I ordered from 365 Astronomy arrived today. Full marks to Zoltan from 365, as promised it was sent out for next day delivery as soon as the shipment from China got to them and well packaged for transportation. The camera comes with various spacers, adapters and 3 USB leads, one long USB3 cable for connecting the camera and two short USB2 cables for controlling a guide camera and filter wheel etc from the built in USB hub on the back of the camera. It also comes with an instruction booklet with print so small I had to use a magnifying glass to read it, I downloaded a PDF copy from ZWO’s website.

I connected the camera to the laptop ( I had previously downloaded and installed the relevant drivers from ZWO ) plugged in my 12v power supply then opened APT ( Astro Photography Tool ) and cooled the camera to minus 20 degrees C and started to capture a set of Dark frames, 31 x 180 seconds then 31 x 300 seconds and a set of Bias frames ( all at a setting of 139 on the Gain and 21 on the offset ) I will create a page explaining these setting as they are quite different from settings used for DSLR imaging. These Darks and Bias frames will be used to calibrate my image ( Light ) frames. The APT program worked faultlessly controlling the frame capture and setpoint cooling of the camera. At first glance this certainly looks impressive  and capable, all I need now is some clear sky to use it on.

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