ZWO ASI1600mm Pro Update

Just got off the phone to 365 Astronomy and Zoltan, it turns out their 10% off sale was so popular that they sold out. This means that both my camera and filter are now on back order ( 1 to 2 weeks ), Zoltan the proprietor was very apologetic saying that it just went crazy like christmas ( understandable £120 off is a big incentive ) and promised that when they come in they will be shipped for next day delivery. I was hopeing it would be here today, and like a kid with a new toy, could not wait to get home from work to play with it. Oh the crushing disappointment.

3 thoughts on “ZWO ASI1600mm Pro Update”

  1. What a bummer! Was wondering if you’d got it. It’ll probably be cloudy for the next week or two so don’t feel too bad.


  2. …I was planning on getting to know it and how it works with the software before using it properly,..
    Knowing you, that should only take about 5 mins tops! 🙂


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