Just Anticipation

As I mentioned in my March 19th post, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the ZWO ASI 1600mm Pro mono 16MP DSO (Deep Sky Object) camera from 365 Astronomy. The main reason I ordered the camera from them is that I have ordered stuff from them in the past and always found their service to be excellent plus over this Easter weekend they are having a sale with 10% off ZWO products, this means that instead of costing £1216 the camera cost £1094, so I also ordered an extra Baader 2inch clear focusing filter to go with the Narrow band filter set. The two 2 inch five position filter wheels have also arrived, so one filter wheel will have the Clear ( focusing ), Luminance (Uv/Ir Blocking ), Red, Green and Blue filters fitted inside and the other will have the Clear ( focusing ) , Ha ( Hydrogen Alpha ) 7nm, OIII ( Oxygen ) 8.5nm and SII  ( Sulpher ) 8nm filters. Having only one filter wheel to take all the filters would mean having an electric computer controlled filter wheel from Starlight Xpress costing way too much and adding a lot of extra weight to the imaging rig. All I have to do is swap one filter wheel for the other depending on what type of imaging I’m going to do.

Filter wheel
Filter wheel

The camera has set point cooling user selectable down to 40 – 45°C below ambient temperature which helps keeps sensor noise to a minimum, doing long exposures heats up the sensor and creates a lot of noise hence the majority of DSO cameras are cooled. The cooling however requires a 12v 3amp power supply that suprisingly does not come with the camera ( luckily I have a few around ) the camera itself is powered from the laptop USB port.

I can honestly say I’m excited and cant wait to start using the camera and filters, I have looked at the images being produced with the 1600mm Pro and they are very good indeed, but thats not all. This camera is also capable of planetary and solar imaging just like the ASI 120mm that I use at the moment so a real all rounder. Just need the clouds and rain to go away.

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