Exploring Space from the Somerset Levels

I was invited to give a talk at the Somerset Levels Stargazers two day event at Othery ( 16th and 17th March), so on the Saturday I spent an enjoyable day at the Othery village hall with fellow stargazers and members of the public listening to talks on a wide variety of subjects including : Relative distances in space by John Martin, Stargazing by Paul Adamson, Time and the stars by Bob Mizon, Exoplanets by Mark woodland, Rocks from space by Ron Westmaas and Space news by Nigel, detailing what’s going on in space exploration. For the younger visitors Jo Richardson had her hands full with the “Space Detectives” and lots of space based activities.

My talk on DSLR Astrophotography was followed by showing some of my images. There was plenty of food ( a rather nice jacket spud and chilli was on the menu ) and hot and cold drinks.

The impending threat of snow meant that Bob Mizon had to give his talk earlier than expected so he would have a fighting chance of getting home.

All in all a very good day and I look forward to being invited again.


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