CADAS Meeting February 2018

At the February 21st 2018 meeting of the Crewkerne and District Astronomical Society, I gave a talk on Misconceptions in astronomy it turns out Polaris ( the pole star ) is not the brightest star in the sky and that you do not instanly freeze solid if exposed to the vacuum of space ( the least of your problems really ), it was an interactive talk where the audience has the opportunity to ask questions during the talk not just at the end. It was very lively and enjoyable. Bob Mizon FRAS ( always a very interesting speaker ) also gave his object of the month talk, NGC 1999 in Orion.

This is a really good society to join, every one is very friendly and the refreshments during break include cake, what more do you need.

Below is an excerpt from the CADAS website.

CADAS monthly meeting  February 21st 2018

Despite the fact that it was also our AGM, the promise of Will Reed’s talk had the effect of bringing out 30 other members to our February meeting and they were not disappointed. An interactive presentation on ‘Misconceptions in Astronomy’ was the title. It should have been reassuring to learn that you wouldn’t instantly freeze if suddenly exposed to space but as Will pointed out that would probably be the least of your problems. Another popular misconception is that Polaris is a particularly bright star. Some even think it’s the brightest one!  Several other such common misconceptions were covered. The talk was wittily illustrated and was a big hit. Thanks Will.


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