Flange Update

As promised the replacement flange arrived today, phew. Lots of paperwork and a breakdown of the customs charges, which not supprisingly are totaly different to the charge breakdown I was told over the phone by “She”, see below.


OK import VAT £17.30 I can live with that after all we have no free trade deal with the US yet!. The clearance fee takes the biscuit.

IMG_6476 copy

So it looks like I’m paying for them to collect my money as well as the building my package is in being processed through ( much handling apparently ) and for someone to work out how much extra I should pay ontop of something I’m paying over the odd’s for to begin with. lets be honest you can buy a scope made in America for example say $1200, buy the same scope over here and all that happens is they change the dollar sign for a pound sign so you pay more for it anyway.

The flange on the other hand is perfect, nicely finished and ready greased on the dovetail.

It took a matter of moments to change the flange’s over and fit the focuser to the telescope, it really has a much more solid feel to it than the stock focuser that comes with the scope, racking the focuser in and out is much smoother as is the rotation of the focuser itself so you can frame your target before starting imaging.

It also has a three point locking on the brass compression ring so the camera is even more secure , NICE.

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