New Scope Scores 4

Last night I tried out my new telescope. A William Optics 72mm f/6 Apochromatic refractor, it has a wider field of view so I can image extended objects such as the Rosette nebula and the Andromeda galaxy. It also has a rotatable focuser so framing the target is easy. The little scope performed well showing some extended stars around the edge but I have yet to get a field flattener for it, I imaged M31 the Andromeda galaxy, M42 the Orion nebula, M45 the Pleiades ( or seven sisters ) and NGC2238 the Rosette nebula. The main of the clouds stayed away from my targets and the near 1st quarter moon set just after 10pm, I stopped imaging at 6am the following morning: the only issue was something I’ve never come across before. The guiding was constantly correcting for eastwards movement, now as the mount is supposed to be tracking to the west to follow the stars this was something of a puzzle. It turned out to be the Synscan hand control tracking rate, it was set to luner rate and not siderial rate and should change automatically if an object like the pleiades is selected, choosing siderial rate sorted out the problem but it’s something that will need watching in future. The new images are in the gallery.  

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